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  • Telework has seen a significant increase in recent years, especially with the emergence of new technologies and the global pandemic that boosted the need to work from home. As this mode of work becomes more common, it is crucial to understand the associated occupational risks and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and […]

  • We are witnessing a new trend in the workplace: quiet quitting. Although it may sound contradictory, quiet quitting refers to the decision of employees to leave their jobs quietly, without attracting the attention of others and without generating conflict. This trend is on the rise and more and more workers are deciding to leave their […]

  • Failing to integrate healthy lifestyle habits at work is a widespread problem in society. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle, coupled with the increasing amount of time we spend at work, can lead to an unhealthy routine. Not leading a balanced life can have terrible consequences, not only for the employee and his or her health, but also […]

  • Introduction Logistics is a fundamental part of the business world and has played a crucial role in the evolution and development of different industries throughout history. From ancient times to the present day, logistics has played a vital role in the efficiency of business operations and in meeting the needs of consumers. In this article, […]

  • Are you tired of feeling like you’re stuck in your career? Do you wonder why you can’t move forward? Maybe you’re making some common mistakes at work that may be limiting your professional growth. In this article, we’ll look at 7 mistakes you make at work with easy solutions so you can overcome them and […]

  • Spain has always been known for being a country with many festivities, but the reality is very different from what is commonly thought. In the ranking of countries with the most public holidays, Spain is far from the top of the list. Now that Easter week is coming, some Spaniards will be able to enjoy […]

  • Have you ever considered working abroad? Working in another country can be an exciting and rewarding experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language and gain valuable professional skills. However, the process of finding work abroad can be intimidating and overwhelming. That’s where AgioGlobal International comes in. In this […]

  • On 12 March the 95th edition of the Oscars was held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and, as every year, the world of cinema and the most cutting-edge audiovisual creations were celebrated at a gala full of luxury, stars and eccentricities. However, at AgioGlobal we would like to take advantage of this small […]

  • What if the weekend lasted three days? What if you worked four days a week and kept the same salary? Possibly you’ve never asked yourself these questions, but now that we’ve posed them to you, would you like to know the answer? In this article you will learn about the experiment that has been carried […]

  • The tech giant has finally strengthened its human resources management, announcing that Carol Surface will be the company’s first director of human resources. She will lead the ‘People’ team, which has end-to-end responsibility for managing human resources, including talent development, recruiting, employee relations, benefits, compensation, inclusion, diversity and Apple University, among other tasks. Surface’s appointment […]