AgioGlobal an independently owned staffing company, was founded in 1994.
Due to its Belgian shareholders, AgioGlobal was already involved in a mere international context but it was only due since 2011 that we fully rolled out our international business model apart from our national approach.
Are you looking for cross border recruitment solutions, an outsourcing for some of your business processes or do you have ICT development or HR consultancy needs ? AgioGlobals international department can offer you the solution. 


Due to the deepest crisis Spain ever had to go through, the country had and still has an overload on experienced and well trained profiles who were forced to stay unemployed or temporarily employed.

AGIOGLOBALs consultants with international track record started to deploy their network in order to find suitable jobs abroad for the Spanish talents. So the international activity started and grew organically. Currently our experience spans the servicing of dozens of clients throughout Europe and we are known as a “true cross-border” staffing and human resources provider.

Agioglobal provides temporary staffing, executive search, (nearshore ) ICT staffing.

Our main goal is to work together , connecting people and companies that fit.

Our Ambition

In AgioGlobal we are experts in cross Border R&S. Our ambition is to contribute to solve the skills shortage challenge through mobilizing in-demand talent from skill-rich regions to markets with talent shortages. We help our customers to find the professionals they need to face their challenges, improve and become more competitive.

As HR services providers, people are our priority and our passion, we support them throughout the process of finding a job and living abroad. Our network, expertise and labor market experience create a unique talent source for you, ensuring efficiency in our process.

You would like to establish an international mix of talent within your organization?
Or to fulfill a difficult vacancy due to a lack of local talent within your niche?

Optimize your recruitment efforts, win the war for talent and contact Agioglobal . We can offer Spanish and Portuguese talents from all over Europe.


Our areas of expertise to contribute to solve the skills shortage challenge are:

We provide a professional talent acquisition and assist you with the placement service to help you win the ‘war-for-talent’.

Our Talent Acquisition Process encompasses the following elements:

Client business understanding and needs analysis

Detailed assignment briefing and job profiling

Talent sourcing

Competency based interviewing in the required language (Languages are essential when working abroad)

Reference checking

Job Offer management

Assistance in the traveling, move, housing, labor contracts before starting up.

At Agioglobal we believe in engagement - and our nearshoring team engages far more frequently than traditional offshore development. It is The only sustainable outsourcing model that guarantees success with zero start up investment!

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Together with you we establish tailor made solutions where you can benefit from an outsourcing of ( part of )your business processes

Why Outsource your Administration Support Services to Agioglobal in Spain?

Focus on your core business and have confidence that your back-office processes are being effectively managed.

Create a virtual administrative team and expand your organization with a flexible service, without the necessary overhead costs, office space, or supplies. Take advantage of this low risk opportunity for expansion!

AgioGlobal provides a flexible service depending on your goals and targets: We can deliver Data entry services as well as other fully managed pay roll and HR administration.

We deliver all projects within your time limits.

We offer several solutions in the field of Headhunting selection which might help your company:

A. When considering a M&A of a Spanish company:

  1. Job descriptions and workload analysis:
    Study of the company objectives: mission, short and long term strategic goals.
    Analysis of the actual Human Resources based on competencies, skills, job content, motivation and functions performed to obtain specific knowledge of “what is being done” and “what should be done” in each job.
  2. Work climate studies:
    These studies allow you to learn to know the “climate” of the organization at a given time just with a simple questionnaire. The information is collected through a survey and provides valuable internal knowledge about the company.
  3. Assessment Centre:
    identification, selection and promotion of employees with potential.
  4. Compensation and benefit benchmark:
    They allow you to learn how the compensation and benefit system is established according to the Spanish market and relevant sector, and to take the necessary decisions and possible measures.

B. When considering to hire Spanish staff members in a start up / crucial positions:

  1. Performance Assessment:
    the evaluation offers a global vision on the performance of key employees within the organization using mechanisms that facilitate the analysis process.
  2. “Executive Development Program”:
    high performance individual or group programs directed to potential company xecutives and provided in an experiential environment. We develop our own methodology which is tailored to company strategy.

C. Recruitment and Selection /Headhunting of Spanish staff for your international company:

Would you hire somebody just for his/her intellectual capacity, academic record or curriculum vitae?

The recruitment of a professional for a company requires more than just one answer. It requires a great effort doing the recruitment, evaluation and selection. At AgioGlobal HR Consultancy, we are accessible, flexible and responsive during the selection processes and consider ourselves experts in the selection of management profiles as well as in the recruitment of head hunting.

We specialize in the following areas: IT Management, Finances, Administration, Marketing, Commercial, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Human Resources, Engineering (Aeronautics, Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical, Public works, Automation, Naval, Agroalimentary and Telecommunications.

D. Training:

We are well aware that the most competitive asset of a company is its staff. Therefore, we help you identify, train, motivate and advise your professional staff. The main objective is to prepare the best professionals for each function according to the specific needs of your company. Our training sessions are always tailor-made.

Managing training credits of Fundación Tripartita. Our experts offer advice on this matter so you can finance the training you need to put in place in Spain.

E. Outdoor activities/ Incentive program:

This Experience-based learning entails learning by walking the path and making adjustments through experiencing the benefit of change while expending time outdoors and away from the structure of the organization.

F. Social objective:

We help companies to apply with the Law on Social Integration of the Disabled

We help you follow the 13/1982 Law on Social Integration of the Disabled in order to incorporate highly qualified disabled candidates. We can work together on the integration of people with disabilities whilst getting the corresponding benefits and tax deductions. We are pioneers in the selection of competent disabled individuals.

Start your international career here!

Find international permanent and temporary jobs

AgioGlobal will give you expert advice on your CV, gross/net salary, language skills and other requirements for working in another country.

When moving abroad, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the numerous priorities that demand attention and time. As experts in labour mobility, we are glad to help you with a smooth hiring and integration process.

Together with our clients we will help you with the housing issue in the other country and check out all the required you need to prepare, we help you looking for flights/, advice on local transportation to go to work.

We advise on the labor contracts you will receive in the local language.


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